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12 Tips to Select Best Overwater Bungalows in Bora Bora [Best Guide]

Holiday in Bora Bora Island will make you fall in love with the island the very moment you will  place your first foot on it. You will be mesmerized by the luxurious floating villas facing the turquoise blue lagoon, visiting this island is like a dream come true.

In this section we will be compiling the tips that you must consider while booking your stay in one of these over water bungalows. A stay at a water bungalow is very different from staying in any resort or hotel.  To enjoy your vacation in these floating villas you must know few things:

Best View of Bora Bora Lagoon

You should consider choosing a water bungalow which is built over the Bora Bora lagoon to enjoy the beauty of the crystal clear blue water. The amazing views of this flawless island will totally mesmerize you making each moment spent at Bora Bora like a heaven felt moment.

Bora Bora Island
Bora Bora Island

Deep Water for Diving

If snorkeling and diving in this calm lagoon is one of your fantasy than look for a water bungalow which is far away from the shore so that you can straight away jump in the deep warm water from the deck of the water bungalow.

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Best Beach View

Choose a water bungalow that is closer to beach if you are a beach lover and want to spend your time more on beach. Such water bungalows are built in shallow water so you can easily swim from the deck of your bungalow to reach the beach.

Abundance of Living Coral

To have an amazing experience of watching colorful fishes swimming below your over water bungalow and around the colorful finger, elkhorn and cauliflower shaped coral, choose the one that offers the best deep water with plenty of  living coral gardens under water to have the best snorkeling experience.

Sense of Privacy

If you are looking for a private calm, secluded stay at your floating villa, choose the over water bungalow that faces the beautiful lagoon rather than one facing the resorts. Bora Bora water bungalows have beautiful horizon view villas. You can enjoy a private vacation with beautiful views of the turquoise lagoon and coral reef all the way meeting at the horizon.

Beautiful Sun Sets

If you just want a leisurely holiday, sitting in the comfort of your floating villa, sipping your favorite drink while enjoying the beautiful sun setting in the horizon. Over water bungalows in Bora Bora have such views for you. All you need to choose the one that is facing across the blue lagoon getting merged into the horizon.

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Couple Spa Luxury

Holiday rejuvenating the body and soul, sharing the ecstasy with your partner, if that’s your idea of a holiday in Bora Bora, Book for an over water bungalow that offers the best and most refreshing spa in Tahiti. Enjoy the amazing experience of couple spa if you are on a holiday honeymoon.

Affordable Meals and Drinks

A trip to Bora Bora Island is a pretty expensive holiday, the tariffs offered by the water bungalows along with food and drinks are also much overpriced. If you are looking for a little less expensive affair, we advise you to choose water villa which is close to local market or shops or restaurants.

You can save a lot by choosing the option of eating out at nearby restaurants rather than at overpriced rates offered by water bungalows.

Budget Friendly

Here is an advice for those who are looking for an amazing holiday with some defined budget; Tahiti has few beautiful beach bungalows that will more or less gives the same feel. You can also check for budget friendly over water bungalows if staying at over water bungalows is at the top of your list.

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Le Meridien Resort – Bora Bora
Le Meridien Resort – Bora Bora

Relaxing Holiday

Try to make a holiday plan minimum for five days as Bora Bora over water bungalows are meant to give you relaxation. So come with plenty of time so that you can totally unwind the blues of monotony of daily life.

Crystal Turquoise Swim

Some of the Bora Bora villas are built on that part of the lagoon where you can find less of the coral; here the turquoise blue lagoon looks like a huge swimming pool.

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Exploring the Marine and Coral Life

Choose a water villa that has lagoon aquariums and marine biologist who can introduce you to the beautiful live coral and aquatic world through a much explained and known facts about them.

Article Title: 12 Tips to Select Best Overwater Bungalows in Bora Bora [Best Guide]

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