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Presidential Villa at Conrad Bora Bora Nui
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Facts About Overwater Bungalows: 20 Interesting and Mind Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know

Amidst of blue ocean water, a luxury stay called Overwater Bungalows is becoming a big craze among young holidaymakers and travelers. Longing for a vacation in the luxurious Overwater Bungalows on a beautiful island, then you must know these raving Mind Blowing Facts about Overwater Bungalows. There is a lot that You Didn’t Know about …

Beautiful Island Resort in Maldives
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Is it Safe to Stay in Overwater Bungalows with Kids [Best Info]

Planning a great grand vacation in Maldives Island with your family? Maldives Islands has lot of luxurious resorts to choose from for a wonderful luxurious stay. However, you can also choose to book an accommodation in floating villas popularly known as Overwater Bungalows. With beautiful clear skies above you and crystal clear water under your …

Anantara Veli Maldives Dhoni Bar and Pool
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Are Overwater Bungalows Even Worth It? Is Overwater Villas Really Worth It?

Overwater Bungalows is one of the trending holiday destinations among the honeymoon goers, party goers, and wedding anniversary goers. However, the certain number of holiday resorts (Overwater Bungalows) are costly and expensive but they offers great location, amazing facilities, modern amenities, luxury experience, and much more. If you are looking for spending less amount of …

Adaaran Club Rannalhi
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6 Best Overwater Bungalows Destinations Around the World [Best Guide]

Overwater Bungalow is a good place to get relaxed and energized with positive energy. A good place to celebrate every occasion, such as birthday, wedding anniversary, new year, Christmas, and many other things. Only a few Overwater Bungalows destinations are available around the world. Some of them are cheaper and remaining are expensive for budget …

Overwater Bungalows
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Do Overwater Bungalows have Toilets, Air Conditioners and Showers?

Vacations are times to unwind and the most exotic way to do so is by the waters. But what if you could actually live on the waters? That is precisely what overwater bungalows around the world have been doing over the years. But do overwater bungalows have toilets? This is something that many tourists are inquisitive about. …