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How to Get to Hotel Maitai Bora Bora [Best Ways to Reach]

A beach vacation is what most people have in mind after a long time of hard work and unending stress. The blue skies merging at a distance with the clear blue waters act as the perfect tonic for the tired mind which seeks some rest. While the options for a beach vacation around the world are plenty there is something about the small islands on the Pacific Ocean which make them one of the most sought after destinations.

Bora Bora islands are the cherry on top of the cake. This very popular destination has plenty of options for tourists when it comes to finding luxury accommodation. Hotel Maitai Bora Bora is among the stars of the location and tourists swear by its services and pedigree.

But they often wonder how to get to Hotel Maitai Bora Bora due to the strange location of this place. This article will be the answer to all questions regarding how to reach Hotel Maitai Bora Bora.

Hotel Maitai Polynesia
Hotel Maitai Bora Bora

Airport Transfer

Sadly the cheapest ways to reach Hotel Maitai Bora Bora are not all that cheap. If you take a flight on Air Tahiti it takes about 45-50 minutes to reach Bora Bora. These are basically located on the Motu Mute islets and from here you will be taken to the resorts. From the airport, it requires some more effort to reach Bora Bora. A small boat ride of about 20 minutes is required from the airports.

These shuttle boats ply all around the route and can be a great option to avail and experience a bit of the beautiful boat ride. Buses ply from the Vaitape and cost XPF 500 only. The taxi ride, on the other hand, would be around XPF 20000. Note: The transfer rate/cost may be outdated, please contact the resort once you make a reservation with our partner website.

To make a reservation for this resort, please checkout our partner website here for great deals.

Maitai Polynesia Bora Bora
Maitai Bora Bora


With all the information on the best ways to reach Hotel Maitai Bora Bora, you are now equipped enough to undertake the beautiful trip in the middle of the Pacific. You will come back a refreshed person of that we can stand guarantee. If you stay at this resort then apart from the incredibly scenic and natural beauty, the luxury living is also assured. Make your bookings now without further delay.

Article Title: How to Get to Hotel Maitai Bora Bora [Best Ways to Reach]

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