Cayo Espanto

How to Get to Cayo Espanto Belize [Best Ways to Reach]

Being a part of the Belize nation, San Pedro town is one of the famous tourist destinations, thanks to the second largest barrier reef. And this is the place where you will find around four hundred and fifty islands, lining up together. These islands are popular for private resorts and villas facing the Caribbean Sea.

With the question of how to reach Cayo Espanto Resort arising for numerous times, it’s best to know the details about the transportation. As the island resort isn’t located too far away from the main town of San Pedro in the Belize nation, it’s easier for the tourists to reach the place. The serenity and the tranquility of the island make it one of the most visited islands in the entire area.

Cayo Espanto
Cayo Espanto

Best Ways to Reach Cayo Espanto Belize

By Speedboat

There is no facility for speedboat transfer because one needs to fly to San Pedro first and then to Cayo Espanto. The only boat transfer is the shuttle boats which takes you from San Pedro to the main resort.

By Seaplane/Helicopter

Multiple flights are available to the Belize international airports like Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and even the Avianca Airlines. You can fly into the Belize International Airport directly from Los Angeles, Newark, San Salvador, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Toronto, Panama, Denver, and Miami. Direct flights are one of the cheapest ways to reach Cayo Espanto.

Cayo Espanto
Cayo Espanto

Once you will land on the Belize airport, you need to clear the airport facilities like the customs, checking, and immigration. After you will clear all the procedures, you need to collect your luggage from the counter.

At the airport, baggage helpers will take your baggage from the customer counter to the main location where you will meet the hotel representatives. The baggage charges are 1 USD per bag.

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From there, you will walk with the resort staff to the Maya Island Air ticket counter for getting your tickets to San Pedro town. On being asked how to get to Cayo Espanto Resort Belize, you can either choose a private charter or a normal scheduled flight which is available every hour.

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Cayo Espanto
Cayo Espanto

12 passenger carrying Cessna Grand Caravans or 5 passengers carrying GA8 Airvan is available at the airline. The scheduled flight charge is around USD 160 per head for the 17 to 19 minutes trip. This is, in fact, one of the cheapest ways to reach Cayo Espanto.

Another option to get to Cayo Espanto is via helicopters. Bell 206 Jet Ranger is generally used with a fee of USD 1200.

Note: The transfer rates are not updated in recent time. Please do get in touch with the resort directly for latest transfer rates and procedure.


With Cayo Espante giving you the intricate view of the second greatest barrier reef, it’s worth spending a few from your savings and going on a vacation tour.

Article Title: How to Get to Cayo Espanto Belize [Best Ways to Reach]

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