How to Get to Thatch Caye Resort Belize [Best Ways to Reach]

Surrounded by a one-mile long white sandy coast on both the sides, Thatch Caye Resort is definitely one of the best private island resorts off the coast of Belize Nation. The water bungalows will give you the vibes of a water village, thanks to the thatched roofs and the wide greeneries at the backdrop. These bungalows stand fifteen feet above the water surface, giving you an eccentric view of the blue water underneath.

When asked how to reach Thatch Caye resort, the best answer will be via airway because not only it gives you an impeccable view of the water and the various marine species but also it makes the journey more exciting.

Thatch Caye Resort
Thatch Caye Resort

By domestic flight and later on the boat ride

First of all, you need to reach Belize international airport. Numerous different flights are available as this is one of the major tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Direct flights are also available from different cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Newark, Toronto, Miami, and even Atlanta.

However, while booking flights to Belize make sure of the landing time. When you are looking for the best ways to reach Thatch Caye Resort, you can choose the direct flights. You need to land at Belize City by 3:45 PM because of any late timing than that, you will not get the flight to Dangaria.

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Thatch Caye Resort Belize
Thatch Caye Resort Belize

Once you will reach the airport, you need to clear the immigration if not from the same country. Once you have cleared the immigration facilities, collect your luggage from the customer counter from where you will the baggage carriers easily.

Just relax and hand over that heavy luggage because the baggage rate is quite compliable- 1 USD per bag. This is why this is one of the cheapest ways to reach Thatch Caye Resort.

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Dangaria is the closest town to the resort and so, you need to fly there. The commuter flight lasts for 15 minutes, which is the earliest time as compared to the 3.5 hours van journey. The flight charges are USD 195 for a round trip per person. Once you will land at Dangaria, you will be then escorted with the help of the resort staffs to the boat ride of nine miles.

Note: Please do get in touch with the resort for the latest charge/rate once you book your room/suite.

Thatch Caye Resort, Belize
Thatch Caye Resort, Belize


As now you know how to get to Thatch Caye Resort, book your tickets immediately and enjoy the vacation.

Article Title: How to Get to Thatch Caye Resort Belize [Best Ways to Reach]

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