Manava Beach Resort and Spa Moorea

How to Get to Manava Beach Resort and Spa [Best Ways to Reach]

Luxury living is an integral part of a complete trip. But when it comes to ideal luxury living, few can pose competition to the Manava Beach Resort and Spa. This fine resort in the wilderness of the Pacific provides some valuable solace to the tourists and offers them the ambiance and luxury that you hardly expect in such remote destinations.

Here we have tried to address all your questions on how to get to Manava Beach Resort and spa. Once you are well versed with this the trip is all about enjoying yourself to the fullest and making the most of the natural beauty and other activities on offer.

Manava Beach Resort and Spa Moorea
Manava Beach Resort and Spa Moorea, Photo Credit: Manava Beach Resort

So read on and learn all about how to reach Manava Beach Resort and Spa. Spend some days blissfully unaware of all your worldly stress and make merry in the fancy islands of the Pacific.

By Plane

An Air Tahiti flight will help you reach Moorea from Tahiti in a very quick time. The duration of the flight would be only twenty minutes, and before long you would have reached after a spectacular show of the oceans and islands from the air.

By Ferry

This is among the cheapest ways to reach Manava Beach Resort and Spa. The harbor station at Papeete has two companies of ferries serving and reaching the islands of Moorea. On the high speeding boats, it takes just about thirty minutes. For the ones that travel slowly, it will be 50 blissful minutes of experiencing the ocean view from the ocean itself as you tear through the waves in your boat.

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Getting to The Hotel By Car

Now that you have reached the island it is time to get to the resort. For this, the car service can be availed of. It takes just around ten minutes from the airport and only a 15 minutes distance away from the ferry dock.

These are easily some of the best ways to reach Manava Beach Resort and spa and are basically a doorway to a hell lot of fun and other activities. Pack your bags and plan your trip to these beautiful islands to enjoy nature at its absolute best.

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Article Title: How to Get to Manava Beach Resort and Spa [Best Ways to Reach]

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