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Medical Emergency in Maldives: What would happen in case of urgent health issues?

Medical emergency in Maldives is one of the most important topics for any first time travellers to this wonderful island nation. In the Maldives, most of island resorts are located far away from the Male, the capital city of the Maldives. However, a few resorts are located near the Male which are popular among the foreign tourists.

In case of urgent health issues in an isolated island resort, what would happen to the patient? Is there any facility out there in the Maldives? There are countless questions asked by the first-time travellers for their Maldives trip. So, let’s see!

Air Ambulance in Maldives
Air Ambulance in Maldives

Medical Emergency in Maldives: Yours Questions Are Answered Here

Question1: Do island resorts have their own hospital or clinic?
Answer: No, island resort in the Maldives do not have their own hospital or clinic to treat patients.

Question2: I am suffering from serious medical conditions and health issues, should I able to travel to the Maldives and spend vacation there?
Answer: It’s advisable not to travel to the Maldives if you are suffering from serious health issues. In case of medical emergencies, you may need to have advanced health experts (highly experienced doctors) with advanced hospital for treatment.

Question3: What should I do If I fell ill suddenly (normal illness not serious)?
Answer: You should not worry for normal illness / very low health issues during your stay at an island resort. Most of these island resort have medical nurses / doctors to treat patients in case of normal illness. A few inhabited islands have hospitals to treat patients there. In case of more serious health issues / serious illness, you may be referred to advanced hospitals in Male.

Question4: What should I do If I fell seriously ill suddenly?
Answer: If you fell seriously ill suddenly, then you may be transferred to the Male city for advanced treatment. If more treatment is required, then you may be referred to other nearest country i.e. India, Singapore, UAE, Sri Lanka and so on.

Question5: Is medical insurance / health insurance necessary?
Answer: It’s every expensive to get treatment abroad especially when you are located in an isolated place. You have to cover various expenses, such as air ambulance, medicine expenses, doctor fee, hospitalisation charges, transportation charges, and many other expenses. Hence, a medical insurance is essential for your Maldives holiday trip.

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Article Title: Medical Emergency in Maldives: What would happen in case of urgent health issues?
Article first published on February 16, 2019.

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