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How to Get to InterContinental Moorea Resort [Best Ways to Reach]

InterContinental Moorea Resort

There are some resorts around the world which personify luxury living by providing you with the most comfortable experience while you travel. They also make the trips go a lot better and the tour to your favorite destination is complete with the stay. InterContinental Moorea Resort is one such option for you if you happen to be on a trip to the islands of the Pacific. If the calm beaches and white sands glistening in the Sun are up to your calling then surely this can be the ideal place to stay.

But since the place is located in such remote locations many ponder over how to get to InterContinental Moorea Resort. To answer the questions of all those who wonder how to reach InterContinental Moorea Resort, this article has been penned down with all necessary information. Come over to this place and spend some of the most valued moments of your lives.

InterContinental Moorea Resort
InterContinental Moorea Resort

How to Get to InterContinental Moorea Resort [Best Ways to Reach]

From Papeete International Airport by flight and by Catamaran

The resort is a massive 18 hectors of beautiful gardens to reach this dreamy destination you would have to be aboard a brief 7 minutes flight in Air Tahiti. The flight from Papeete will take you to Moorea and then the resort can arrange for your travel to the place.

The Catamaran would take slightly longer at thirty minutes but is also one of the best ways to reach InterContinental Moorea Resort. The resort stands at a distance of 28km from the dock.

From Moorea Airport

There are shuttle services which are provided by the resort itself so once you reach here, the resort is just a brief while away and no more hassles await you.

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With so much in store for you and also the knowledge of the cheapest ways to reach InterContinental Moorea Resort, you are sure to have a blast in these pristine islands. Plan your trip soon so that you can indulge in the most fun-filled water sports and beach activities at this fine resort. It will be an experience to cherish for the rest of your lives and thus would not be wise to miss out on.

Article Title: How to Get to InterContinental Moorea Resort [Best Ways to Reach]
Article first published on April 20, 2019.

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